What is Phota.me?

Phota.me creates the ability to share images with the Internet with a few simple clicks for FREE. It can be used to share pictures with the world, as well as post images on forums and blogs. Phota.me will also allow you to share your image to sites such as Facebook, Reddit, Twitter and Google+. The images with the most views will be featured in the image carousel.  

What is the maximum image upload size?

The maximum image uploads size is 10MB, if the image size is greater than 10MB the upload will not be accepted. 

What are the supported image file types?

The supported image file types currently are  JPG,PNG and GIF.  As we grow we will be looking into supporting more file types. 

How long are the images kept?

We currently do not have a purge date for images.  We are thinking we will be purging images that have not been viewed for a long time.  A long time being 6 months to a year. 

Are the images anonymous?

Of course!  The only information that is kept is your IP address. We have to do this because if illegal material gets uploaded and the FBI shows up, we will know where to direct them.

How do I delete an image that has been uploaded?

The only time an image can be deleted is immediately after the image is uploaded.  There will be a link to delete the image under the uploaded image.  Once you navigate away from the page, the delete link will not be displayed. 

What counts as an image view?

Every time an image is loaded from hot-link or embedded on other sites.  If you refresh the page it counts as a view. 

What files are not allowed to be uploaded?

Any file that may violate our Terms of Service.  So the obvious, no gore, porn or illegal stuff.

Is there a limit to how many files I may upload?

No.   Upload all you want! 

Who do I contact if I found a bug?

Please contact us here: stuff@phota.me



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